b•bright lens

Optical performance and sharp peripheral vision are critical when skiing or snowboarding. bbright Snow Goggle lenses are tested in our laboratory to offer a pure and uncompromised quality of vision: no obstacle shifts, no object is distorted.

Tints and coating performing in all conditions.

The bbright series offers a range of high contrast tints for visual performance and obstacles detection in challenging light conditions (cloudy or snowy days, dusk, dawn conditions).

The chrome lens offers a shiny look while providing contrast enhancement and depth perception improvement.

The bbright Solid lens by Bullski is an innovative tint, especially developed by the Bullski development division to improve vision on the snow, enhancing colors brightness and contrasts in all light conditions, even at high speed.

The bbright Solid/Basic seriesis is a high performance lens which provides optimized vision. Protection from intense sunlight and glare reduction from snow and icy surfaces. Ideal in all light conditions.

The b.bright Revo series is ideal in bright conditions. Thanks to the multilayer mirroring, these lenses are able to filter out harmful solar rays, eliminate the annoying reflections of the snow, ensuring maximum visual comfort.

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